Giving back to people that give.

We have developed a fresh approach to philanthropy - one where you can give to charities that need support the most and get something more than just a monthly newsletter in return.

Having your say

Our members have the opportunity to propose new charities for selection and also to vote on how the money that we raise is distributed at the end of the year.

Coffee Connections

We offer a networking service for our members, giving you the chance to meet like-minded people and develop your professional and personal relationships.

Got Skills

We offer our members, the opportunity to give more than just money to our charities. Through Got Skills, we match the experiences and talents of our members with charities that have a particular short-term skill need.


We can organise for members to visit any of our supported charities.


If our members want to, we can help them to take advantage of volunteering opportunities offered by our charities.

If you want to transform the lives of young people and get something in return, sign up to become a member.