What we've been up to this month:

We just held our annual volunteer training in preparation for our biggest support event of the year- our annual summer support camp.

We take up to 100 children with HIV to camp each summer, and our volunteer team are critical to delivering camp. At CHIVA we believe young people with HIV should be at the centre of our work. They are the real experts. So we have a Camp Leader programme just for them.

When they are too old to attend camp any more (over 16) they can come back as a Camp Leader. We deliver a four day training course in preparation for the role, including an accredited award in Peer Mentoring.

Being a Camp Leader can be part of the journey of a young person with CHIVA. Moving on from participating in one of our programmes and being supported to become a leader.

It’s part of our aim to not only support young people with their HIV but also support them to gain greater confidence, skills and abilities to reach their fullest potential.

So our Camp Leader team for 2018 are now all trained up and ready for camp in the summer!