What we've been up to this month:

During March we’ve worked in Cumbria, south London and lots of places in between! We’ve brought disabled and non-disabled children together to collaborate on woven sculptures and glittery murals, played music with young patients in hospitals, hospices and respite centres, and made films with young people with disabilities.
One of these young people is 12-year-old Mike, who has been caring for his dad since he was a young child. Mike took part in our art:spaceprogramme in Kingston, which gives young carers a break from their caring responsibilities and the opportunity to make new friends while they explore new creative skills.
Mike told us about his experiences:
“The project that I’ve taken part in was printing t-shirts and tote bags and using different techniques to decorate them. I really enjoyed working with Jen, Create’s professional artist, because she has lots of experience and I got lots of ideas.
“When I finished the project I felt really proud that I’d done a good job of printing. Working with the rest of the group was good because everyone had different styles. It felt really good to do something creative because there are resources that you might not have at home so you got to experience new things.
“I think being creative is very important because it’s a good way to relax. I’ve learnt that I can do more than I think and that there are lots of different types of art that I haven’t really done. 
“I care for my dad. He has something called depression where he gets stressed quite easily and it can be hard sometimes. I’ve been caring for him from when I can remember. I think young carers can be more sociable with people in their family than other people our age. Projects like this definitely help young carers because it helps distract us and we can have good times at the drop-in centre.”
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