What we've been up to this month:

As the summer term draws to a close, Kidscape are working with children in Year 6 to help them prepare for the move up to secondary school. 40% of children feel anxious about this move, with their biggest worries being bullying and making new friends. Our RISE workshops address these concerns by building confidence and empowering Year 6s with tools to manage change, handle bullying and be a good friend to others.
RISE runs in schools across England and Wales. 2019’s RISE season kicked off with a workshop at West Ham’s Academy ground at Chadwell Heath where children from two schools in East London took part. We were joined by a few famous faces to help out: footballers Jack Wilshere, Ryan Fredericks and Angelo Ogbonna got involved by sharing their experiences of managing change and their memories of moving up to secondary school. We’re grateful to West Ham United sleeve sponsors Basset & Gold for funding this launch event. The rest of the sessions this year will be funded by other streams of income including the generous support of the Raise Your Hands community.
Last year’s RISE saw 95% of children who took part feeling more confident about moving up to secondary school, and 95% more confident about handling bullying.
“I don’t know what magic you used but I can not believe the transformation! He has been confident to make friends and even started to leave the house to socialise. He tells me that some of the kids from primary he used to fight with still call him names or challenge him but he uses the strategies he has used in the session and this stops any conflict. I am so glad he attended the workshop as it has changed his mindset about everything related to school,” said one parent about her child who attended RISE last year.
This summer we’ll be running RISE at 12 schools in England and Wales.