What we've been up to:

We have had a busy few months here at Create, running over 120 workshops across the UK. These have included projects with hundreds of young carers during their half term holidays, a particular time of isolation. We also were working in Machester with five schools bringing together disabled and non-disabled children to foster greater understanding.
We talked with Dr Richard Corrigall, a consultant adolescent psychiatrist at Snowsfields, where we run our project working with young people with mental ill health.
“Imagine you’ve got a mental illness, you’ve been in hospital – you can be very self-destructive or self-critical. So we try to restore some kind of faith and self-esteem, and I think creative things can be really good at that. There’s also the importance of shared respect. If people feel that they’ve been understood, then you’ve got a better chance of sharing the ideas and the advice you may want to give.”
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Also in July and August …

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