What we've been up to this month:

“Mousetrap provided fun, uplifting and accessible opportunities for young people both at the end of life and those who have to contend with a great deal. They have loved it and Mousetrap has helped us offer hospitalised young people a better quality of life.” – Assistant Head Teacher of UCL Hospital School

We have just undertaken a project in the oncology unit at UCL Hospital School. This was a stark contrast to our usual group-focused sessions and we learnt a great deal about working in such a different, difficult, chaotic environment. Our drama practitioner mostly worked with the young people one-to-one or in pairs, often at their bedsides, sometimes masked and gowned. Whilst the setting was challenging, however, the project was a huge success.

Students undertook voice work, using Shakespeare’s sonnets as stimulus, to improve their self-esteem, confidence, and help them develop resilience in the face of their extreme situation. They even managed to put this work into action and recorded some podcasts. However, most importantly, we offered a break in the boredom and frustration of long-term hospital life. 

“A 13 year old girl, ward-bound with MRSA, said that she didn't like drama at school but would give it a try. I won her around! We pulled apart a Shakespeare sonnet, put it back together again, rehearsed it. She was phenomenal!” – Drama practitioner