What we've been up to:

On the 26th October CHIVA hosted a cooking event in Bristol for young people from the South West and Wales.

We delivered the day to provide a space for young people living with HIV to come together and talk about how they are managing with their HIV at the moment and build friendships and cook! The focus on food and cooking and eating together for this meeting was something the young people said they wanted to do, and we also used the opportunity to get some healthy eating messages in and encourage young people to think about their diet.

A specialist dietician provided us with guidance, as people living with HIV have higher risk of cardio vascular disease. The menu was very varied from Tacos to Injera (an Ethiopian sour flatbread)! A facilitated Lego Play session was also offered which focussed on how the young people wanted the group to develop and how to engage young people not currently attending.

Another example of how a creative activity can really help young people open up and talk about how they are feeling. One young man built a sea with a shark in it and positioned his character hanging over the sea, with a person above him reaching down to help him who he said was CHIVA.