What we've been up to this month:

CHIVA hit the beautiful beaches of South Wales for a peer meet up day for young people living with HIV from the South West and Wales. These meet ups through the year are an important time for young people to experience being free and open about their HIV, ask questions and share worries. It’s also all about building friendships. In the afternoon we did surfing with the fantastic Wave Project.

The surfing was a perfect compliment to the day and the young people did activities which encouraged them to work together as a team. One young man who uses a wheel chair was supported by a Wave project coach so he could take part fully and enjoy the surfing with his peers. We certainly agree with the Wave project – surfing can help young people overcome anxieties and feel more positive. It certainly worked for us!
‘Today I learnt that I can’t stand up on a surf board and I like being with people’ (YP at the end of the day)