More than just fundraising

Over the past five years we have donated over £869,000 to our supported charities.

Our report Raise Your Hands in 2018 shows the impact RYH donor's money had on young lives last year, through the 12 small charities we support.

Here are just a few highlights:

Impact infographic

Take a look at the full Raise Your Hands in 2018 report here.

How we support our charities

1. Fundraising

We raise money for effective but relatively unknown charities. This allows them to expand their programmes and do more of what they do best - helping disaffected and marginalised children.

2. Raising Awareness

Most people haven't heard of most charities. We raise awareness of small charities that operate under the radar, so more people see the incredible work that they do. 

3. Connecting Charities

We expand the network of our charities by connecting them to members and to one another. This allows them share skills and to harness the depth of knowledge and experience within our community.  

4. Consulting and Direction

Through our network of partners, we offer our charities pro bono consulting advice, helping them to run their organisations more efficiently and providing feedback on their strategic objectives. Take a look at our blog on Curvestone for one example.

How we measure impact 

You can read more about how we measure the impact and effectiveness of our charities in The Funding Model section.