Giving shouldn't mean hassle for you

People want to do good but it isn't always easy. You might not be sure if your money will be used well. Maybe you're fed up with negative campaigns. Maybe you don’t want to be hounded for more money.

The Raise Your Hands Philosophy

We believe our members should be inspired to join, through positive motivation and seeing the difference they can make. It's giving on your terms.

What does that mean in practice?

  • Our membership is a flat donation and that's it. No badgering you with further asks
  • 100% of member money goes to the charities, not our costs (more below)
  • We share inspiring stories from our charities. We don't do chugging or wasteful leaflets
  • We offer an opportunity to engage directly with our charities, beyond just giving money. See Member Benefits

The 100% model and our funding

Raise Your Hands is structured so that 100% of member donations goes to the charities. This is given on an unrestricted basis, which gives them the freedom to spend the money in the most effective way possible.

How do we cover our costs? RYH is funded by a number of generous patrons and grants from corporate partners. They believe in what we do and the effectiveness of our model.

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