How Raise Your Hands came to be and why:

How time flies. It was back in 2014 that Ed and Chris were on a plane back from Denmark and got chatting about how they wanted to give to a children’s charity. They knew the big names but wondered if there were smaller charities out there that might need the money more.

After a bit of digging, they found there weren’t just a handful but hundreds. The more they looked, the less the situation seemed to make sense; tons of small charities doing great work but the bulk of donations going to the big names.

This wasn’t just a case of supporting the underdogs. The more Ed and Chris thought about how small charities work, the better it sounded. Small, passionate, agile businesses, experts in specialist areas, that didn’t come with the bureaucratic baggage of larger organisations.

They got talking to friends about what RYH might look like and the same conversations came up again and again. People wanted to give but weren’t sure how well their money would be used. They didn’t want to be stopped in the street or be called asking for more money.

It was out of these frustrations, and a desire for change, that RYH was born. A model that helps exceptional small charities have a real impact. A model that offers people who want to give a positive experience.

Giving on your terms.