Have a say in who we support

With most fund raising movements, the people that are giving don't have a say in who receives the money. At Children in Need, for example, charities make applications for funding and the trustees of Children in Need decide who receives the money. The people that actually give don't have a say in who receives the money and how it is distributed.  

That seems a bit weird to us. 

With Raise Your Hands, you can propose charities for us to support. This is good because as a community, we should be able to give more to your favourite charity than you might be able to raise by yourself. 

There are a few criteria, which might change in the future, but are set for now: 

  1. Turn over of less than £1.5m
  2. Working with children or young adults
  3. Operating in the UK

If you would like to propose a charity for us to support, please fill out the form below. We will then check the charity out, conduct due diligence on them, and if they pass, will look to support them financially next year.