Thinking beyond uni? Find out what a half-price student membership can do for you:

Who are we?

Raise Your Hands is a community of givers looking to change the way charity works. There is an injustice in the UK charity sector. Amazing small charities transform lives every day. Yet 72% of income goes to the largest 1.2% of charities. Our mission is to provide sustainable funding for effective small charities.

Charity needs a fresh approach. Our community give through positive collaboration and having fun. As a member you pay a flat monthly fee, with no follow up asks, and 100% of that money goes to the charities. No clipboards in the street, cold calling or negative marketing.

We believe that doing good should feel good. Our community provides amazing experiences & opportunities for our members to engage with our charities and each other.

Get some experience

Our charities are always on the look out for help. We match up our members with suitable volunteering roles.

As a student, it's a great opportunity to help out, get some practical experience and yep, something to put on your CV.

Make connections, contacts and friends

As well as connecting with our charities, we create links between our members. We put on parties for the community to meet, have fun and connect with likeminded people. Our Coffee Connections programme matches members with mutual interests or skills to connect and collaborate, either professionally or socially.

If you’re fresh out of uni and looking to make new connections for work or moving somewhere else and just want to meet new faces, being a RYH member could be a winner.

Who knows where it might lead?

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