Sparkplug provides alternative education, training and youth work for children and young people, primarily employing the medium of motorbikes & pedal bikes to address the social and educational needs of children and young people who may have been excluded from mainstream education.

Why vote for them?

Sparkplug represents the local community.

By voting for Sparkplug, you will enable the organisation:

  • to open its doors to a wider range of children and young people (currently, Sparkplug is only accessed through a referral system)
  • to provide more courses and
  • to stay open for longer and over the weekends

Sparkplug empowers children and young people to make better choices for their future. It offers them the opportunity to further their education and gain personal and employability skills. It helps them towards a new direction in life where they can employ what they have learnt in Sparkplug and use it in the outside world

Sparkplug has success stories of mentoring offered by former students to new attendees on a voluntary basis and thus giving back to the community and society.