Shockingly 1 in every 23 teenage girls falls pregnant in the UK. The cost to our communities is immense, both economically and socially.

Straight Talking Peer Education tackles this issue by employing teenage mothers and young fathers to deliver programmes in schools presenting the realities of teenage parenthood. Young people may know how to avoid getting pregnant; they also need to know why to avoid early pregnancy.

Peer Education is a powerful approach, young people relate to ‘someone like me’. Straight Talking's work reduces teenage pregnancies and gets teenage parents into paid employment, education and training, creating stable futures for their young families.

Why vote for them?

Donating to Straight Talking supports at least two generations of UK youth.

A report done for them by Deloitte states that every £1 invested in Straight Talking saves the taxpayer £8.93.

Straight Talking provides a win-win-win solution for our communities.

Teenage parents gain employment, economic independence and become appreciated for their resilience, capabilities and knowledge. They often feel valued for the first time.

Children of teenage parents grow up with role models in employment, with aspirations and involved in positive social change.

Young people around the UK learn about the realities of teenage parenthood, empowering them to make responsible choices for their own lives.