How we select and work with our charities

At Raise Your Hands, we research and carefully select innovative and impactful small charities. We have a rigorous due diligence and monitoring process, redeveloped in 2018, that requires our charities to be transparent, accountable and to prove their effectiveness.

In 2019, we are supporting a platform of 12 charities. We support these charities on an ongoing basis, in order to provide them with a stable source of income. Each year we review our charities under the same process and we would stop working them on any of the following conditions.

  • they out grow us (turnover of greater than £1.5m) in which case our job is done and we happily part ways
  • we feel that their work is less impactful than when we selected them or they’re reaching less beneficiaries
  • there is an organisational change that gives us cause for concern.

Distribution of funds

Previously we offered a sliding scale of funding to our charities based on member's votes. However, we found this system added to one of the problems that we're trying to solve - funding became unpredictable. So in 2018 and moving forward, the total pot of money will be split equally between all 12 charities.

Criteria for our charities 

There are a number of criteria that we use to select our charities, many of which around effectiveness and reach. There other factors like the area they work in, their approach to innovation and a solid management team.

The minimum requirements are that:

  • based in the UK
  • working with youth and/or children
  • have a maximum turnover of £1.5m

Applying for funding 

Please note that due to the volume of requests we were receiving, RYH no longer accepts unsolicited applications for funding. If you're a RYH member and would like to propose a new charity, please get in touch: [email protected]

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