Ambition, opportunities and the role models to succeed

Timi grew up in South London facing what he calls 'hostile environments'. There were plenty of opportunities to make easy money the wrong way. But even at a young age Timi saw the bigger picture.

He came to Football Beyond Borders as a teenager, taking part in the youth football programme. Thanks to his initiative and willingness to get involved he was invited to join the FBB family as a staff member. His dedication and mentoring skills soon lead to a rapid rise in his FBB career.

At the age of 21, Timi is a Senior Practitioner working across 7 different schools, managing 5 of the FBB projects and in charge of all secondary school tournaments.

'Football to many is an outlet and a route of escapism from hostile environments. As a south London youth myself I've benefited immensely from the work, time and effort shown by FBB.' -Timi Fernandez

For Timi, FBB provides a platform to combine his love for football and desire to work with young people, empowering them and helping them to improve.  He sees football as a tool for educational engagement, enabling those hard to reach to develop invaluable social skills, leadership, teamwork and resilience.

Timi’s story is the perfect representation of what Football Beyond Borders is about. Ambition, opportunities and providing the necessary role models to succeed.