A bit about me:

After graduation, Tom trained as a Chartered Accountant before realising he'd sold his soul. He made the move into Shipbroking and really enjoys what he does now. It was the first pro-active decision he'd really ever taken in his life and without doubt, the best.

Any interesting hobbies?

Running (sometimes), eating well (always), lying in the sun (whenever I can).

A tenuous claim to fame, please

I once fixed a ship with Prince Harry at a charity fundraiser. Just now waiting for the wedding invite.... 

Any interesting facts about yourself?

I was once the England football mascot, Paws. There are three lion mascots that run around Wembley on match day. I was the female one. It is insanely hot in those neoprene mascot suits and I was a little hungover. It didn't go well. In fact, at half time, there were only two lions.... Paws needed a little lie down!

Favourite factoid

If the UK was a football pitch, densely developed areas would fit into just one of the triangles marked for corner kicks. Turns out, there is plenty of room!