Why we fund the unsung heroes of the charity sector

Small charities are specialists. They work in a particular field like HIV or suicide prevention. And because of that, they’re experts in what they do. 

Small charities often work locally, so they understand the areas they work in and the specific challenges faces.

“Smaller charities are considered uniquely placed to engage directly with those who are hardest to reach, because their independence, situation within the community and ability to draw upon local volunteers fosters greater levels of trust. Such organisations are considered experts in working in a ‘person-centred’ way that is responsive to individual and local contexts.”
(Too Small to Fail – IPPR North 2016)

The challenges they face

Small charities don’t have big marketing budgets and teams to reach lots of people. This means they tend to have a limited support network and access to limited funds.

It also means small charities rely on larger pots of money from a small number of sources (major donors or grants). This makes income unpredictable and business planning difficult.

Other reasons why they struggle:

  • they don’t have the resources to fill out long application forms for grants and if they do, success is uncertain 

  • they don’t necessarily have the resources to respond to the needs of donors in the ways that they should 

  • gala dinners and similar big fund raising events have a shelf-life 

  • they don’t have the time or resources to develop innovative and appealing ways for people to donate 

  • the UK has seen a decline in the trust in charities, making fund raising more difficult, even for highly 
effective organisations

At Raise Your Hands our goal is to solve this challenge by helping great charities reached wider audiences and provide sustainable funding in doing so.

Other benefits of the Raise Your Hands model

  • Raising funds and awareness on their behalf frees the charities up to spend more time on their vital programme work
  • Working with lots of charities allows us to pick and choose the best to maximise impact
  • We can support a wide range of innovative work in different areas across the UK

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